BLMT, provider of high quality products and world-class service

Located in Chonburi, Thailand near Bangkok, BLMT CO LTD is a specialty manufacturer of enamel coated iron casting products. We pride ourselves in the production of grates, burners, and other parts for gas ranges and gas oven ranges.

With a team of professional engineers and an outstanding scientific management system, we devote our work to producing the highest quality products and providing world-class service.

BLMT has manufactured and distributed cast iron grates for gas oven ranges in the worldwide market. We are the sole supplier of grates for SAMSUNG ELECTRONIC THAILAND. For the past seven years, we have been providing the grate for Tong Yang Magic, the biggest manufacturer of gas ranges and gas range ovens in South Korea. Our grates and burners have been bought and used in North America since 2006.

Current annual production capacity of cast iron grates and burners is 5 million pieces.

BLMT has over 10 suppliers in China who provide the base parts.

We conduct the coating of the grates and burners at our factory in Thailand. We grind the as cast using an advanced grinding machine, a rigorous process that we have developed for high quality and efficiency. This process provides a clean, healthy work environment for all of our skilled employees, and keeps production costs low.

Why choose BLMT as your supplier?

Problems facing factories in China

Inconsistent quality with 100% manual operation and high defect ratios.

Low productivity and concerns for exploited labour force due to noise, dust, and physical hardship.

High turnover of labour in grinding process contributes to inconsistent quality and higher unit pricing.

Production output is dependent on labour availability and order book volume.

Increased inland and ocean transportation costs.

Advantages of BLMT production in Thailand

Fully automated manufacturing system enables consistent quality control and prevents defects.

Guaranteed production of committed order in an environmentally friendly worksite in a quiet, dustless facility.

Uniform production and improved productivity provides continuous cost saving system.

Dedicated production line, with a scalable high output to meet delivery deadlines.

Unmanned three line operation secures small quantity production of multi items, 300 items available on each operation line

Located in 20 minute drive from the largest port in Thailand.