Production Capabilities

The purpose-built BLMT factory in Thailand uses CNC robotics to provide an efficient fully automated manufacturing system to manufacture cast iron enamel coated pan supports and other cast iron fittings.

BLMT has a dedicated production line and a fully automated manufacturing system for the manufacture of specialised cast iron products.

The factory in Thailand is an environmentally friendly worksite in a quiet, dustless facility dedicated to the manufacture of grates and burners for gas cookers and ranges.

The three line operation is capable of small quantity production of multi items, 300 items available on each operation line, with a scalable high output to meet delivery deadlines.

BLMT guarantee their cast iron products will always be of a consistent high quality

BLMT is a manufacturer and distributor of cast iron products used for gas oven and multi-fuel cookers and ranges in the worldwide market. Our purpose-built factory is in operation and being run efficiently.

All processes are controlled to allow the manufacture of premium high-end products to meet the demands of our customers. Our team of professional engineers are on hand to provide design input and support for our outstanding scientific management system.

The coating of the grates and burners is carried out at our factory in Thailand. The grinding of the iron casting is done using an advanced grinding machine. All processes, including cutting, trimming, grinding, sanding, shot blasting, steam cleaning, enamel cosing, drying and packing are carried out in a clean, healthy work environment by our skilled employees.

It is because BLMT production processes are so good, they are the preferred supplier to Samsung. The reasons become apparent when you look closely at the finished cast iron products.

Our strict quality control provides the following benefits:

  • Flatness
  • Superior dimensional control
  • No sharp edges or burrs, safe to handle
  • BLMT is the sole supplier of grates for SAMSUNG ELECTRONIC THAILAND.
  • For the past seven years, we have been providing the grate for Tong Yang Magic, the biggest manufacturer of gas ranges and gas range ovens in South Korea.
  • Our grates and burners have been bought and used in North America since 2006.
  • Current annual production capacity of cast iron grates and burners is 5 million pieces.